Nov 30, 2021


This voltage controlled Wavefolder creates a rich spectrum of musical timbres, thanks to a smooth wavefolder core, integrated overdrive for added punch and clarity, and built-in VCA for ease of use.

Oct 8, 2020


The Slope module is a voltage controlled slew limiter and modulation source. The core idea behind this module comes form the classic Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, which has in turn inspired many popular modules including the Makenoise Maths and and the Befaco Rampage.

Oct 15, 2019


To help the modular system play in musical tune, I decided I wanted a Quantizer module. After significantly longer development time than I anticipated, the result is this two-channel Quantizer in 10hp Eurorack format.

Quantizer module with printed wooden front panel

Jul 20, 2019

KS-20 Filter

My interest in the MS-20 style filter was sparked by videos from Look Mum No Computer, who built a DIY low pass version. This filter makes great basslines, with both strong bottom end which is not reduced at high resonance, and gnarly sound due to a nonlinear resonance path. Clearly I needed such a filter in my system, and the result of that is this module which I tackily named the KS-20.

Mar 4, 2019

Dual VCA

You can never have enough VCAs, a common meme in modular synthesis declares. While this module certainly cannot fill that infinite gap, it does provide two handy voltage controlled amplifiers. They are linear, DC coupled VCAs, suitable for both audio and CV processing.