Part sourcing

Below are some links and hints where to find the parts needed for my PCB builds. I try to standardize on dimensions and types for many common parts, so if you are building several of my modules the shopping should get easier.

The list below is not complete, and seller links will likely expire, so use with care. In case of doubt, check the BOM and build notes for instructions. Remember to also read the footnotes of the BOMs.

If you have any suggestions for this page or find broken links, please let me know!

Common parts (THT)


  • All my THT PCBs fit "small size" DIN 0204 resistors, with a body length of around 3.7 mm. These are usually either 1/8W or 0.4W, depending on supplier and series (standard 1/4W resistors always fit mounted vertically, and on some boards also mounted normally).
  • Unless otherwise specified, use 1% metal film resistors
  • Where possible I use E6 values (1, 1.5, 2.2, 3.3, 4.7, 6.8, 10, ...).
  • Supplier links:
  • Trim pots:

  • I try to stick to E3 series values: 1, 2.2, 4.7, 10, 22, 47 ...
  • Always use a voltage rating of 35V or higher
  • I normally use the following values and dimensions:
 ValuesType DimensionsTME linkMouser link 
10 pF - 1 nFC0G ceramic 2.5 mm pin pitchTHT MLCC, C0G, 2.54mm 
2.2 nF - 470 nFPolyester Film5 mm pin pitch 
2.5 mm thickness
Kemet R82 series
100 nF decouplingX7R ceramic2.5 mm pin pitch Kemet C320C104K5R5TA7303
Kemet C320C104K1R5TA
10 uFElectrolyticØ6.3x7mm
2.5 mm pitch
Nichicon UST1H100MDD
Panasonic EEAGA1H100
Panasonic EEAGA1H100
Panasonic EEAGA1H100H

Front panel parts

FunctionPart ThonkTayda
Audio jackThonkiconn / PJ398SM Thonkiconn 
Standard potentiometers
(metal shaft)
Alpha 9mm vertical
Alpha 9mm verticalRD901F-40-15R1-B10K 
Small potentiometers
(plastic shaft)
Alpha RV09AF or many othersSong Huei "Trimmer" potsRV09AF-40-20K-B10K
Standard knobsDavies 1900H clone, 6.35mm shaft
1900H Black or other colors
Big knob (VCO)33mm diameter, 6.35mm shaft Boss style 33mm
Medium knob (Filters)27mm diameter, 6.35mm shaft Boss style 27mm
Switch SPDTSubminiature size (2.54mm pin pitch)
TME: TS-01 or TSSM1022A1
Mouser: E-switch 200MSP1T1B1M1 (any variant)