This is a blog about my endeavors in synthesizer DIY and other electronics projects. The goal is to share ideas and designs as I learn. The designs might be analog, often versions of classic designs used in synths and published on various websites, as well as digital, for example Arduino based. Most will be part of my efforts to build a modular synthesizer, but other things might come along as well. For me, as important as building the circuits is to understand how they work, and with this blog I hope to help others do the same.

A word of warning

It seems to have become customary to include safety warnings with any electronics projects, and so will I. Electricity can kill you, only work on electronics if you know what you are doing.

A few tips for safety:
  • Don't work on mains voltage. I don't recommend building your own mains-connected power supply unless you really know your business. If you do want to build a power supply for your synth projects, I recommend you have a look at the MFOS wall wart power supply
  • If you are not experienced in electronics, use batteries to power your circuits. Batteries are quite safe (but please don't ingest), and for example a pair of 9-Volt batteries make a nice ±9V power supply that can power most analog synth circuits directly.
  • Don't build circuits from some random blog or website (including mine) unless you have a reasonable understanding of how they function.
Finally, I do not guarantee that the circuits published here work as intended or expected, and they might very well destroy themselves, other equipment you connect them to. Once again, only build them if you understand what's going on. While I do not intend to publish copyrighted material, I do not guarantee that all circuits are free of copyright claims and patents. They are published for personal, non-commercial use only. If you believe some material on this blog is copyrighted and should not be published here, please let me know.